Features That Make It Stand Out

The 18i8 by Focusrite is their newest interface that carries many of the same features as the previously released 2i2, right down to the vivid red color scheme and wraparound case that’s made from well-constructed anodized aluminum. The 18i8 also comes with free use of Ableton Live Lite, the Scarlett plugin suite, a gig of Loopmasters samples, MixControl and Novation Bass Station.

Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 Interface Review: Package Details and Software Information

Inside the box you get the user’s manual, the Loopmasters sample pack, USB cable and a variety of software.

The features for Ableton Live Lite are somewhat restricted, so it’s basically a demo that shines a little light on what this program can really do. There are still enough features available to play around with and make some basic tracks. This may be a little disappointing for some consumers, however, there’s no limit for the length of time you can use this program.

The Scarlett Plugin Suite features gate, EQ, compressor and reverb plugins. The plugins themselves are of great quality and will definitely come in handy when it’s time to mix your tracks.

The MixControl software program can be used to control any output for this model.

The free VST synth is called Novation Bass Station and it’s perfect for all your synthesizing needs.

This model can connect to an iPad, iPhone or Mac.


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Scarlett 18i8 Features and Design

Clipping lights have been built-in to the gain knobs, which light up green once it’s safe to record and turn red if the signal’s clipping. This is a great feature that’s necessary during a recording session. You’ll no longer have to worry that the recording was clipping without your knowledge.

The 18i8’s four preamps produce sound that’s clear and clean, while each one offers 60 DB of gain, while most other preamp gain is around 40 DB, making the 18i8 that much more impressive.

This mode is powered with +48 V, like most interfaces of this size. A downside for many users is the fact that preamps share the phantom power. Ideally each preamp should have its own phantom power source.

This model is equipped with an assortment of digital and analogue outputs and inputs for a total of eight outputs and eighteen inputs.

Located on the front of the device you’ll find two outputs for headphones, both of which feature a gain knob.

The device also includes four XLR instrument/mic inputs that allow you to quickly plug or unplug your equipment. There is also an option for an ADAT connection.

Located on the back of the device you’ll find input and output connections for a MIDI. While not considered the most accessible, this number of connections will definitely come in handy.

How this Focusrite Interface Rated with Consumers

This model received a rating of four and a half stars out of five stars. While the layout of the interface and phantom power options could use a little tweaking, this device still provides you with the mixing capabilities you need for quality sounding tracks.


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Conclusion & Rating

Product Rating: (4.5/5)


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