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The Quad Capture by Roland offers 24 bit-192 KHZ ultra-low latency performance. This portable USB 2.0 audio interface is a great device for music production on the go. This model features two digitally control mic preamps, two XLR/TRS combo inputs and independent phantom power, which is a huge bonus for artists and engineers.

Quad Capture Audio Interface by Roland Review: Features and Product Overview

The graphical control panel software for both PCs and Macs is what controls the VS preamps. To set input levels correctly start by activating the Auto-Sens feature, begin playing the connected instrument and the device will set the best recording levels for each input automatically. With pro level quality this device is also great for beginners.

This is considered a very stable interface due to the low-latency capabilities. Overall, the interface has been designed with wide ranging power supply, with the ability to provide clean and balanced output and input. Which is what makes this model so reliable.

This is a 4×4 channel interface with headphone outputs that don’t use dedicated channels and instead the main output signal is split inside the hardware. This works to feed both of the outputs. However, this doesn’t seem to affect the quality of the monitor, but for some users this can be somewhat irritating.

This device also lacks ADAT connectors, but for many users this isn’t a problem.


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Product Design for the Quad Capture

The front plate of the interface is made out of plastic, while the rest of the housing is black metal. The chrome binding surrounds the front panel which gives it a touch of quality. Weighing it at just a little over 1 ½ pounds, you can tell that the metal used for the housing is pretty thin.

On the front panel you’ll find headphones and monitoring controls on the right, while both inputs are located on the left. The mono button allows the user to investigate any type of phase issues and simplify tracks when mono sources are used.

A downside is the lack of independent controls to adjust levels for the headphones or main. This can be very impractical when using active speakers.

Settings for the input is split between the rear and front panels because of the aforementioned setup.

The gain settings are also found on the front panel.

The Auto-Sens switch is an auto gain. During a recording, you can push the Auto-Sens button and begin to play. The gain is then automatically set for each channel. If you push the Auto-Sens another time you can store these settings. Consumers love the Auto-Sens feature because it can save a lot of time and is a great feature to have if you want to record an instrument.

Rating and Final Say for the Quad Capture Audio Interface

Consumers gave this model a rating of three out of five stars due to the lack of versatility. The Auto-Sens feature alone is definitely worth the purchase, however, the lack of independent controls for the main and headphones levels is a big minus for some users.








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Conclusion & Rating

Product Rating: (4.5/5)


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