The Pro 900 by Ultrasone features a traditional design that incorporates innovative sound technology. The Pro 900 is designed with durability in mind and made to stand a lot of wear and tear. Like most headphone models by Ultrasone, the Pro 900 includes the patented S Logic technology, which provides natural surround sound, offering the ultimate listening experience.

Ultrasone Pro 900 S Logic Headphones Review: Popular Features

The S logic feature will not only enhance sound quality, but it can also provide a safer listening experience. This technology utilizes decentralized driver locations, which works to direct the sound at the outer ear. The result is improved spatial perception. Designed to take advantage of natural amplification of the outer ear, this allows the driver to be minimized by three to four DB, but still results in the exact same perceived loudness. In the long term, the SPL reduction is much safer for your ears. When listening with the 900s the sound initially strikes the outer ear. The sound is then directed into the ear canal.

The headphone’s metal shielding works to reduce radiation by up to ninety-eight percent. This is an ideal feature for people who use headphones regularly and for an extended period of time.

These headphones come with a very long cable that allows the wearer to move about freely. A hard carrying case and replacement earpads are also included in this package.

Inside the Pro 900 Package

Made from black non-resonant plastic and aluminum accents, these headphones offer a modern design and classic studio quality. The earcups are made from soft velour material, which is said to breathe better than leather.  The earcups can be folded up into the headband for compact transport. The drivers are 40 mm titanium plated. Titanium is used because it works to stiffen the driver, which in turn allows for improved tracking of the input signal.

The carrying case is hard sided and covered in nylon. There are two detachable cords: the coiled 4M and the straight 3M. There is also a ¼ adapter.

These headphones give you the ability to sonically isolate yourself from your environment, while allowing each sound in a recording to standout, without each sound having to compete with each other.

Ultrasone Pro 900 Conclusion and Rating

Home Recording Product Rating: (4/5)

Ultrasone Pro 900Consumers gave the Pro 900 by Ultrasone a rating of four out of five stars for radiation shielding technology, the S logic feature and high quality sound. These headphones work great for the causal listener or when in the studio. Most of our review was focused on the cool features and high quality sound you’ll experience, but it should also be mentioned that this particular model is very comfortable to wear for several hours on end and this aspect featured rave reviews from consumers. With all of the safety and impressive sound features packaged in these mid-sized headphones, they’re definitely a great choice for any type of music listening experience, whether it’s casual or professional.

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