The Pro 400 over the ear Yamaha headphones have a lot to offer in terms of sound quality and an attractive modern design that’s mixed with a retro feel. Over the last few years, large over the ear headphones have made an impressive comeback, successfully taking over the market and putting earbuds in their place. Yamaha is a company that’s had their finger in every area of music equipment so it comes as no surprise that like so many other top companies, they have tried their hand at high fidelity headphones.

Yamaha Pro 400 High Fidelity Headphones Review: Inside the Package

Inside the package for the Pro 400 headphones you’ll find a cleaning cloth, stickers, vinyl carrying case, instruction manual, two cables, an adapter and of course the headphones. These headphones are available in black or white.

The headphones themselves feature a glossy, flashy exterior, with the Yamaha logo stamped on the outside casing. The headphone’s 50 mm drivers are covered in soft leather padding, while the exterior portion of the cups are able to extend for a more customized fit. The inside band of the headphones is lined with a thick strip of rubberized foam padding for added comfort.

Sound Isolation and Listening Experience for the Pro 400

According to consumers, the Pro 400 provides consistent high quality sound with incredible detail. These aren’t the type of headphones that feature a sound that solely focuses on overdriven bass. Which is pretty refreshing considering that’s what most headphones seem to offer these days. Instead, this model offers the listener well-defined bass sounds and an overall crisp and clear listening experience. These headphones also include passive noise isolation, which will allow you to hear your music clearly, even in a loud and chaotic environment, without having to turn the volume up full blast.

The Pro 400 gives the listener clarity and a multi-dimensional soundscape that’s perfectly balanced. The noise isolation works well when it comes to rising above any intruding noise in the environment.

Yamaha Pro 400 Conclusion and Rating

Home Recording Product Rating: (4/5)

Yamaha PRO 400While you definitely get the listening experience you have always wanted, the high price of these headphones is enough to turn off some consumers. Offering impressive sound detail and clarity, the quality of the sound may not be enough for headphones that are used for casual listening purposes. However, if it’s in your budget and you’re on the hunt for a pair of headphones that can truly deliver quality sound, then give these Yamaha headphones a second look. Designed with style in mind these headphones will definitely get you plenty of compliments, but you may not be able to hear them.

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