The AKG Pro Audio K812 headphones are open back and offer the user a near perfect bass listening experience. Because of the power it packs, these headphones can be commonly found in most major recording studios. The K812 headphones are the real deal and are not intended for casual listening use. They’re headphones that are more designed for sound quality than listener comfort. The quality of these headphones is definitely reflected in the price and consumer feedback. Studio ready, there’s no doubt even the amateur can appreciate the type of listening power these monster headphones can provide.

AKG Pro Audio K812 Review: Product Overview and Features

While lightweight, they do feature a big, bulky design.  Nicely engineered, the manufacturer didn’t do much to ensure listener comfort.

When you look past the minimal design and the lack of comfortable padding, you can tell where the manufacturer put all of the money.

These AKG headphones are actually marketed and distributed to recording studios, which gives you a better idea of the sound quality they offer. High quality sound, reliability and durability take priority over comfort.

Right out of the box these headphones sound clear and somewhat edgy. Many consumers noted that the sound quality of these headphones didn’t truly shine until after about fifty hours of use, so keep this in mind if you’re planning on using this pair for recording or mixing purposes.

In order to allow these AKG headphones to shine you need to pair it with a high quality sound system or powerful amp.

Sound Quality for the K812 Headphones

The K812 provides sound that’s so clear, you can listen to your favorite song and pick apart any single flaw or the distinct sounds of each instrument, noting any rough sounds in each track.

When you listen with the K812, they will never stretch or distort sound, even if the music is turned up full blast. After time, even high treble will sound fresh and not rough and monotone like it would using poor quality headphones. Suited for listening to any type of music, these headphones allow you to hear your favorite song for the first time all over again.

AKG Pro Audio K812PRO Conclusion and Rating

Home Recording Product Rating: (4/5)

AKG Pro Audio K812PROA price that’s set a little too steep for consumers, most pros still felt like these headphones were a steal. If you’re looking for a pair of studio quality headphones that will actually be used for recording or mixing purposes, then the K812 is the right model for you. If you’re simply looking for headphones that you can use to listen to music around the home, then pass this model by. Not designed for comfort, but instead for a high quality recording experience, these AKG headphones can take on anything you throw at it in the studio. The K812 received a rating of four out of five stars.

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