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Steinberg UR44 Audio Interface pic

Steinberg UR44 Audio Interface Review

      Features That Make It Stand Out All together there are a total of six inputs, including the two additional lines for audio and four mic preamps, which makes this model perfect for large recording sessions. Equipped with latency-free monitoring and DSP powered FX, the user has the […]

How to Record Records to Computer for Beginners

How to Record With A Computer for Beginners

Whether you recently discovered playing vinyl and record collecting or you grew up playing records, learning how to record records to a computer is an easy way to enjoy your favorite records wherever you go. Having a digitized version of your record collection allows you to load all your music […]

Vocal Effects Tips

Vocal Effects Tips for a Unique Sound

In a hit song, the most important thing is the vocals. The vocals encompass the structure, rhythm, and melody of the track. If you take the vocals out of your favorite song, it would probably sound like a repetitive mass of smack and kick and four chords. What gives a […]