Hands down, Beats by Dre are among the hottest models of over-ear headphones on the market these days. So much so that at times it can be difficult to get the exact pair you want because they sellout so quickly. These Beats Pro headphones may have a reputation for sound and style, but let’s look closer to see exactly what the Pro has to offer.

Beats Pro Headphones Review: Packaging and Features

Most styles of Beats headphones have been hyped to death. Not only that, but they seem to be one of the most expensive casual listening headphones around and because of this most pro DJs tend to hesitate using a model that’s not been well tested in the club. But if you’ve ever listened to music on Beats headphones, then you know that their products are hyped for a reason. Could the price be lower? Definitely. Is it worth the cost? For most consumers, yes. These aren’t your run of the mill cheap plastic headphones that will break within six months. The Pro was actually designed to last and is intended for causal and professional use.

These headphones come with a ton of packaging. Inside the package you’ll find the headphones, an adapter, coiled rubber cable, straight cable, carrying bag, cleaning cloth and user manual.

These headphones are bulkier than other models produced by this company. The earcups feature generous padding and a wide band for a comfortable fit. The overall design is impressive, offering a rigid, durable feel that you wouldn’t expect from a mainstream pair of DJ headphones. With the exception of the headband and earpieces, these headphones are made from metal, which is what gives them a solid feel.

The included cables are also high quality. One cable is partially coiled and is equipped with a locking that’s designed to fit into either cup. The other cable is much slimmer and features mobile controls. The provided adapter can be attached to a cable via rubber clip, which helps to prevent losing the adapter.

Sound Quality for these Beats Headphones

These headphones are loud, featuring a clear, crisp and full sound across the entire range. Compared to the Mixr model by Beats, the mids are definitely pushed up more, which works to provide well-rounded sound. The separation is also better with the Pro, which is due to the larger earcup and driver size.

The isolation on these headphones is also considered excellent, according to consumers. You can turn these headphones all the way up and your family members still won’t be able to hear what you’re listening to, thanks to the model’s external isolation.

Beats Pro Over-Ear Headphones Conclusion and Rating

Home Recording World.com Product Rating: (5/5)

Beats Pro Over-Ear HeadphonesThese headphones really do know how to stand out from the competition and because of this they received a consumer rating of five out of five stars for the attractive, compact design, durable metal frame and DJ quality sound, which makes the Pro our top rated product. These are definitely pretty pricey, just like all other Beats headphones, but they’re definitely worth it. The price for Beats headphones can vary depending on color scheme.


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