In this digital age when it comes to sound quality and performance many are looking for studio sound with lower budget pricing. Quite often they are disappointed simply because the higher quality sound speakers & monitors are much pricier.

However you can find some multimedia studio speakers & monitors for an affordable price that will give you great sound and ensure that you are listening at peak performance.

When it comes to studio quality speakers & monitors you must do your research to find just the right pair for you and your needs. If you are using them for your personal use you might not require so much in the way of detail to the music or video but bass.

This can be true for many households. However from a professional aspect if you need to do some video editing, or are listening for some other reason clarity and sound performance is an important part of why you are making the purchase for studio quality.

Tips for Looking for Your New Studio Speakers & Monitors

Determine The Purpose

What is the purpose of your purchase of your studio speakers or studio monitors? Are you using them for personal reasons, or professional reasons? Consider how frequently you need to use them. Are you an occasional user? Or do you use them constantly? Some studio speakers and monitors maybe great for occasional use be wear out easily if you are an avid user.

Determine the Budget

Your budget often will play a big part in what you can choose from when it comes to studio speakers & monitors. This type of equipment is for all purposes but as they say “Sometimes you get what you pay for”. However you can find some real steals on a budget if you know what you want and where to find it.

Determine Components

If you are looking for your studio speakers & monitors for a specific purpose it is wise to have an idea on what you need it for and what you want to adapt to it. Not all speakers can connect to everything, or every device.

Finding the right studio speakers & monitors can be a challenge. Knowing what you are looking for is a big part of being successful in getting the right bang for your buck. Also discovering what you want to use them for, or how often you will use them when you get them to make sure you get the right ones.

Sometimes going with a more affordable set will be fine if you are only going to use them occasionally but if you use them a lot than you may need a higher quality. The brief reviews below will help get you started and show you a bit of what is out there.

You will also have the opportunity to read the full review if you want more details after examining the brief. This may get you on the right path to great sound and performance.

#1:  Mackie CR Series CR3 Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors

The Mackie CR Series CR3 Is a great option when you are looking for the studio quality sound and performance at an affordable price. For those that are into music for pleasure or profession this model is a great package. With their 50 Watt integrated amp these will go perfectly on your desk.

If you are looking for a great studio design, and modern look for a home studio than these multimedia monitors are a perfect blend for your corner of the world. They have an ultra wide frequency range which allows you to get a shining sound.

Running at about (80 Hz-20kHz) great for the size and price range. With its all wood cabinet design it will fit almost any décor for your office, or home alike.

The Mackie CR Series CR3 has a great feature allowing manual switch of the speaker sound. Now you can control which side you want to control them from. With a simple switch of the button you can change from left to right without moving any cables. This is an awesome time saver.

The Mackie CR3 gives you the option to hear certain parts on the closer side, in addition to the front facing manual volume knob with a lit power ring which adds to its modern design.

The Mackie CR3 also features professional grade components and allows you to plug in your devices from the front panel. For added accessories like your phone, or tablet you can play your music right through the speakers. This allows you to hear your sounds on a whole new level. For those of you who enjoy the ease of playback this will give you more flexibility and better performance from your device with a few adjustments.

You can connect your subwoofers to them within seconds even if you are a beginner. This will give you more bass for those who enjoy that in studio sound and performance. These powerful little speaker monitors allow you to get the most out of your dollar for sure. And for those looking for a bargain they are definitely a great buy.

So if you are looking for work or play these should be on your list of purchases. For those interested in more information on the Mackie CR series CR3-3” Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors.

The gap between computer speakers and studio monitors was quite significant until Mackie made the gap in both, price and performance, disappear. Mackie CR3 and CR4 Monitors are what the market needs in today`s hard to please society.

Finding the perfect speakers, both size-wise and power-wise, is now mission possible.

Not everyone needs high end studio monitors, but the low end computer speakers are so basic and lacking power that they are almost unacceptable even for the simplest task such as listening to an inspirational audio file on a multimedia player. The Mackie Multimedia Monitors now offer the inspiration everyone needs.


Some of the benefits the Mackie CR3 and CR4 Monitors offer are great price, great sound and great size. Size-wise they very compact. Unlike competing models, these cabinets are not made of plastic, and instead of constructed out of high-quality wood.

The Monitors are equipped with a custom-tuned rear firing bass ports that help with the smooth extending of the bass response, which makes the speakers sound fuller than expected based on their compact size.

The power amps for both speakers are located on the back of one of the cabinets (the controlling speaker), which also has a volume control and a selector switch, so you can choose whether to use the right or left as your control. This is a nice ergonomic feature.

Pro Features:

  • Clean and articulate 50 watts stereo sound
  • .75 inches silk-dome, ferrofluid-cooled tweeter
  • 3 inches polypropylene-coated woofer
  • Very wide frequency range, from 80Hertz to 20kHz
  • The volume knob on the front panel is lit with a power ring
  • The front-facing headphone jacks automatically defeats the speaker output
  • Multi-input choices—1/4 inch, 1/inch and RCA
  • All cables and everything needed for the setup is included in the box
  • All-wood cabinet that provides an all-natural sound quality, a lot better than plastic shells
  • Studio-quality design, sound and performance ideal for multimedia creation and entertainment
  • Plug your smartphone or other source right into the front of the speakers to instantly listen to music
  • The headphone comes with a tactile volume control
  • Different input choices for optimal connectivity
  • The rear ports are custom tuned for an even and smoother bass extension


  • No EQ controls, therefore any adjustments have to be made through the multimedia controls.
  • Low frequency extension which makes the Monitors not really adequate for full-range music reproduction. This makes these speakers not practical as a primary monitoring system for music mixing.

Final Verdict

The Mackie Multimedia Monitors cannot fully replace the high end studio monitors, but they are an excellent choice as playback monitors for video editing workstations, primary speakers for electronic devices such as computers, iPads, etc.

Since one of the limitations of the Mackie Monitors is their inability to accurately reproduce the lowest octaves of the spectrum, they are not the best choice for music mixing and creativity. However, despite these minor limitations, the Mackie CR3 and CR4 Monitors represent a great value and will be very much appreciated by those who do not necessarily need the ultra-high end studio monitors. They provide very high sound quality for their compact sound and price tag.

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#2: KRK RP5G3 – NA ROKIT 5 Studio Monitor

When it comes to sound clarity and performance there are many that look for professional edge whether or not they are using it for professional use or not. Why because it give a much richer, and passion filled vibe that is needed to enhance the music or video.

There are not a lot of monitor speakers that can do this. The ROKIT 5 studio monitors can help with not only clarity but sound performance and acoustics in a way that can be used both personally and professionally.

They provide bi-amped class A/B which gives the sound a much lower distortion, and provides more headroom. In addition it has a soft-dome tweeter with an extended response of 35 kHz. The High-frequency adjustment which you can tailor to your own custom variation providing you with the sound you want.

If you are looking for professional performance and sound for your home studio or work than these are a great option. They provide great sound and clarity when recording, mixing, mastering, and even during playback. It allows you to get just the right sound to determine background sound as well as bass to some degree.

Although when it comes to bass there are better options for the price these are a real steal.

The ROKIT 5 comes with multiple input connections for additional accessories and to give you more capabilities. These entry level studio monitors are great for music production, and video.

They can give you what you are looking for and stay within an appropriate budget great for those who are just starting out in the music industry and those who are experts just wanting something in their own personal space.

When it comes to professional sound equipment it is important to have the right studio monitors for the proper quality sound. Hi-FI loudspeakers can handle personal projects and those listening to music for fun. But if you are a passionate artist or just passionate about music than it is a better choice to simply by the best.

The KRK RP5G3 – NA ROKIT 5 is one of the best pair of studio monitors on the market for their price range.

They can offer you great entry level sound for your music productions. The multiple input connections assist in your recording, mixing, mastering, and even your playback by allowing your devices to connect to your studio system. The ROKIT 5 also has a soft dome tweeter to enhance your clarity. The studio monitor also has a high frequency adjustment to improve the sound even more.


Some great studios use all sorts of monitors to ensure that the sound the consumer will hear will be right. Studio monitors help pick up on all the distortions or raw sounds before they are mastered. Hi-FI loudspeakers are designed to only play back mastered music or sound. This studio monitor pair can handle what they can’t. BI-Amplifiers are class A/B helping to draw out a better quality sound.


  • BI-Amped Class A/B
  • Multiple Input connections
  • Soft dome tweeter (35 kHz)
  • High frequency Adjustment


As with all studio monitors or products (for that matter) there are a few cons. We are going to be genuine here and list them for your review.

The pros here certainly out weight the cons be they are listed below:

  • They have some difficulty with low bass in some music
  • Studio monitor struggles with sub bass while in production 

The Verdict

If you are looking for professional studio speakers or monitor for your home studio these studio monitors will definitely do the trick. For those who are looking for more professional studio monitors on a tight budget these are great for the money.

If you are working in a recording studio, radio studio, or even a television studio for the most part these studio monitors can handle your projects. The KRK RP5G3 – NA Generation 3 Powered Studio monitor which offer a great sound quality, performance, and accuracy in any professional setting.

If you are ready to start your audio project whether it is a personal or professional project adding the ROKIT 5 to your equipment listing is a must. Finding the right studio monitor can be a major decision when it comes to audio production and with this package you can’t go wrong.

There are many great features and additions to these series that can assist you with your audio sound. The KRK ROKIT 5 has a fast hook up and give a great quality of sound all in all this is a great deal for your new or existing studio but try them out for yourself don’t take our word for it!

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JBL LsR305 Review

When it comes to professional studio monitor speakers the JBL LSR305 is one of the best options on the market. While they are in most people’s price range they have performance and power that delivers sound where you want it when you want it. With their deep bass drivers and room controls to adjust for rooms with poor acoustics.

The 3 series class D amp and 1” damped woven composite neodymium tweeters ensure that you are getting what you need when it comes to sound. The increased high-frequency helps with the sound effects and brings out the sound on video play.

Now hear your video playback with great clarity in a mere 5” speaker. With the Broad sweet spot 3 speaker system you can hear it from any angle of the room. The JBL LSR305 has a great Broad sweet spot professional balanced speaker that reaches across large areas providing you with improved acoustics.

In addition the JBL LSR305 professional studio monitor has a 5” long throw woofer that can help deliver low frequency sound to your studio space or personal space with professional performance and clarity. And with JBL’s dynamic transducers you can’t go wrong.

This professional studio is great for those who need the professional sound but don’t necessarily have that professional budget. They deliver powerful sound in any room you are using providing you with the ability to adjust them as you go.

The JBL LSR305 Professional Studio monitor is great for work, or play. Experience a rich sound during recording, or mixing. Hear your words clearly in a dense mix, or light mix without the struggle of distortions.

You will be blown away when you open the JBL LSR305 Professional Studio Monitor and realize that you own a set of broad Sweet Spot-3 Series speakers that delivers neutral sound no matter what the room acoustics. Now you can have JBL accuracy in your own home.

Your recordings will now be on a level previously reserved for only high-end engineers and die-hard fans of the JBL technology. The great news is that you can make incredibly accurate adjustments to your mix without being in front of the speakers.


The patent-pending Image Control Waveguide technology has command over vertical and horizontal space enabling you to walk around in front of the speakers without any significant change to the frequency response. This technology originally was designed for the JBL Flagship Master M2 Reference monitors that sold for $20,000 a pair!

The speakers deliver great bass response, even if you’re listening at low levels. The JBL patented slip-stream low-frequency port design is great with the double-flare-shaped port of the woofer on the rear of the monitor.

The monitors are small but they pack a great punch and the clarity is astonishing. The size and design makes them a good choice because they always fit in any room or studio with their balanced XLR and ¼-inch TRS inputs.


Great studio monitors except they are ported which affects how you perceive your low frequency. Newcomers who want to produce may not know about ported and non-ported designs for monitors so they may have to find an alternative option for the low-end frequencies.


  • The JBL Image Control Waveguide technology is a unique design ensuring accurate sound imaging in any room
  • Bi-amplified 82-watt monitor, with a 41-watt Class D amplifier sits behind a 5-inch woofer and a 41-watt amplifier behind the 1-inch soft-domed tweeters
  • The package features two components: 1 Pair of JBL LSR305 Studio Monitors
  • The unique LSR design ensures that the output of the sound is well-balanced in any room.
  • Patented JBL slip stream low-frequency port design
    The amp never overloads with the balanced XLR and ¼-inch TRS inputs with an input sensitivity switch
  • Individual trimmed switches for HF and LF
  • Includes a “for US” power cord
  • Innovative HF Detail for greater depth and ambience in recordings so subtle details can be heard
  • Built for wide-frequency response at any volume

 Final Verdict

 The LSR 305 Class D amplifiers power the speakers with ample headroom. An input sensitivity switch on the back of the monitor ensures that you’ll never overload it or hear distortions.

Trim switches for the high- and low-frequency response on the back panel can be tuned according to where you placed it, which makes them some of the most adaptable monitors on the market.

In the long run, the JBL LSR305 Professional Studio Monitors fit any bedroom studio to full-blown professional control rooms and at a very affordable price.

Whether you’re an engineer, professional studio or a home recording enthusiast, the quality is impeccable and rivals other more expensive Studio Monitors. Very few shortcomings make this bundle a real crowd pleaser and a very sound investment!

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Eris E4.5 Review

Sometimes it gets boring to have cheap and powerless computer speakers. The speakers are 2-way professional studio monitors and everyone should be ready for the Eris E4.5. This is all that the computer users have been waiting for. Eris E4.5 gives the sense of owning a high studio monitor that sends your mood at a high level due to the clear sound produced.

Best part is that you don’t have to strain to hear music or a video in the multimedia player as the sound is clear and loud enough. The price of the speakers is cheap making it the most convenient product to purchase.


 There are benefits that come with using the Eris E4.5 as the monitors has control over the simulation at different environments and frequency flattening to enable accurate mixing. It makes easy to use the gadget and best in mixing. The speakers are protected from overheating. It also auto-limits current output, and has protection against subsonic output, making the monitors to appropriate for any computer usage.

The monitor has a good size, making it compatible with many computers and made of strong cabinets. They also make a good price, mega sound and super cool size.

Pro features

  • Low-frequency five-inch transducer
  • 50 Watt, Class D biamplification
  • one-inch ultra-low-mass, silk-dome, high frequency transducer
  • Protection from RF interference, overheating, transient and subsonic output
  • High-Pass (Off, 80 Hz, 100 Hz)
  • Acoustic Space settings (flat, -2, -4 dB)
  • HF (6 dB, continuously variable)
  • Optimized, resonance-suppressing internal bracing
  • 1/8-inch stereo headphone output
  • 100 decibels continuous SPL
  • Bare-wired power-amplifier output
  • 100 decibels continuous SPL
  • 70 Hertz to 20 kHz frequency response
  • Midrange (6 db, continuously variable)
  • Plug your smartphone or any other sources right at the back of the speakers and listen instantly
  • Easy to make up for the flat sound at the mixer end of your recording software
  • The volume is controlled by a conveniently located on and off switch made of high quality materials
  • The Acoustic tuning section which includes the High and Mid frequency control panels not forgetting a Low Cutoff switch


 The Eris 4.5s has not reached the expectation as they mostly resemble the computer speakers and the prices vary accordingly. Although they have the tone-shaping controls compared to other high types than the 4.5s which have so good sound.

All the Eris monitors the 4.5s probably has the best bass definition, but some roll off at the lowest frequencies is detected.


The Presonus multimedia company has produced a great product although there is still room for improvement, but the monitors should be at the top of the list when you want to buy studio monitors. They are a great deal for electronic devices such as computers, iPad and many more.

One of the shortcomings of the Presonus Eris E4.5 2-way Powered Studio Monitor they resemble the computer speakers and have low frequency, they are the best choice of studio monitors. The sound, the price is great making it very appropriate monitor to purchase and use. The size, versatility and compatibility provide all the reasons to buy them.

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Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor Review

It’s hard to improve on a system that already meets the needs of a growing number of discerning full-studio setups and avid sound specialists, but the HS5 Powered Studio Monitor has been redesigned to achieve a smoother output over wide bandwidth producing more accuracy throughout the audio spectrum. The upgraded 1-inch tweeter extends the frequency range that now delivers excellent high-resolution sound.

So whether you are building a full studio or just need the basic accessories to go with your speakers, there is a HS5 Powered Studio Monitor package that will fit your application.


Every Yamaha monitor speaker is sold separately and bundles are available so you get more for your money by purchasing that way. The quality sound and upgraded design provide an excellent option for full- studio applications as well as high-end sound enthusiasts.

This system costs about one tenth of the normal speakers with the same features, so you can enjoy your sound without breaking the bank. The speakers provide very focused sound; easily heard close up but not as loud from a distance.

The bass is nice in the lower registers, but it’s missing the foundation that the lower frequencies normally produce.

The monitors may reveal everything wrong with every mix so you can hear the bits fall off in a fade. This system may not be the best choice for the professional sound studio.


  • 5-inch cone woofer and -inch dome tweeters are the standard for these 2-way bass-reflex, bi-amplified Nearfield studio monitors
  • 54Hz – 30kHz frequency response for consistent clarity
  • 70W power amplification boasts 45Watts LF plus 25Watts HF bi-amp system to ensure excellent performance
  • ROOM CONTROL allows you to adjust the bass that sometimes occurs when your speakers are too close to a wall so that you do not hear the resulting feedback
  • XLR and TRS phone jack inputs filter unbalanced signals
  • Low Resonance Enclosure Design
  • ROOM CONTROL lets you balance the sound so that no unnatural and exaggerated sonic output occurs even when the speakers are put near walls
  • HS Series speakers are equipped with an amplifier unit that is perfectly suited to the transducers used in this series
  • Cutting Edge Noise Reduction Technology so you can hear but your neighbors cannot
  • The new speaker port design greatly influences the clarity of overall sound


The overall consensus of the newly designed HS Series Studio Monitors by Yamaha is that it will make a great addition to your home or studio and at a great price. The new Series offers low resonance enclosure designs that are perfectly suited for reference monitors.

Whether you need mid-grade speakers for full-studio sound recording or for your favorite playlist, these speakers are perfect for anyone wanting quality sound at an affordable price point.

Yamaha hit the mark when it created this advanced noise reduction technology. They actually re-designed the ports so that the speakers control and reduce the vortex at either end of the speaker and no longer create unwanted noise that occurs in many studio situations.

For the money and your enjoyment, you can’t get better medium-sized studio monitors.

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The Verdict

When it comes to studio monitors vs. Hi-Fi loudspeakers so many of us are familiar with there are several variations. While many professionals use monitors or speakers for different reasons some personal some professional it is important that you know the differences between the two to understand why you should invest in any type of studio monitors.

Why Studio Monitors?

Studio monitors are often used on a professional basis to improve their overall audio production (sound) of what they are working on. The studio monitors depending on the type helps them in many ways, for instance some monitors help the person listening by pass all the sound throughout the room on the way to their ear.

If they have the speaker or monitor in front of them they can simply hear what is going on from the stage to their ear instead of from the stage through the audience to their ear.

Additionally studio monitors are designed to handle uncut or raw sound, which often have bursts of sound, and distortions that are mixed in with the raw sound being produced. When consumers get to the sound it’s generally already mastered out and compressed meaning they never deal with it.

This is why Hi-Fi loudspeakers (Boom boxes, etc) are not designed to handle that type of sound. These speakers or monitors are often set up for people using them for personal use.

What are Studio Monitors designed for?

·        Recording Studios

·        Filmmaking

·        Television studios

·        Radio studios

·        Personal projects

·        Home studios

You recently read about some of the different types of Studio Monitors within an affordable range. All of these studio monitors are designed to handle raw sound an make a great addition to anyone who has a deep passion for music, just wants better video sound, or are looking at it from a professional angle.



Mackie CR Series CR3-3” Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors

The CR3-3” series are designed to handle sound & performance on a professional as well as personal level. They provide a wide frequency range along with professional-grade components. They have 50 watt integrated amplifiers, to give great sound performance in the room. Have an all wood cabinet design great for a modern décor for those looking for a personal home studio.

More features include:


  • Front Panel volume knob
  • Power lit ring
  • Switch speaker feature placement

KRK RP5G3 – NA ROKIT 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor

RP5G3 – NA ROKIT 5 Studio monitors are also rated among the best in the market especially for their price. These speakers have BI-amp class A/B and a soft dome tweeter with up to 35 kHz for great clarity and sound performance.

Great for:

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Playback

Some additional features are HF adjustment, and multiple input connections for addition accessories or components.

JBL LSR305 Professional Studio Monitor

JBL’s have been around for years a trusted brand the LSR305 professional studio monitor provides great sound quality for almost any project. With their deep bass drivers and broad sweet spot speakers this monitor can provide quality sound from a wider area of the room regardless of the acoustic sound quality.

Additional features:

  • Class D Amps
  • LF and HF trim switches
  • JBL transducers

Any of these professional studio monitors are a great choice for your project. If you are looking for a good sound, and clarity you can get the professionalism you need when you need it, but don’t take our word for it see for yourself.