The 650 headphones by Sennheiser feature a design that’s meant to impress you right off the bat. The exterior consists of a dark glossy finish, but the overall design is meant to be simplistic and elegant. Which makes it an excellent option for consumers who don’t want a set of headphones that are too flashy. With strong positive consumer feedback, the 650 by Sennheiser is a tough pair of headphones that will change the way to listen to music for good.

Sennheiser 650 Headphones Review: Design and Frequency Response

The earcups on the 650 consist of felt material, which is a tradition with most models by this manufacturer. Initially, they may feel a little stiff, but after a week or two of wear the cups will be broken in and offer a more comfortable wearing experience. Also like other models by Sennheiser, the 650 comes with a ten foot detachable cable which works great for a couple of reasons. In the event the cable becomes damaged it can be easily replaced and lastly, it allows you to easily upgrade your cables, should you have a particular type you prefer to use.

The manufacturer claims that the 650 has a frequency response of 10hz to 39.5khz, which is actually pretty impressive. These open air headphones feature a high impedance. Because of this, the user will be required to use a high quality, powerful amp, in order to get the best out of these headphones.

Sound Quality and Features for these Sennheiser Headphones

Most experts will tell you that every type of speaker needs to be broken in, after which point the quality of sound improves immensely. For this particular model it should only take a week of use before sound quality improves.

These headphones offer smooth low-end and mids performance. With most headphones you’ll run into problems with low frequencies, but with the 650s the low-ends remain crisp and smooth. The 650 also offers excellent imaging that just wraps around your head, which is critical for mixing and editing.

These headphones offer the perfect balance of detail, resolution and presence. They’re definitely studio quality, but they can also be used for casual listening.

Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones Conclusion and Rating

Home Recording Product Rating: (4/5)

Sennheiser HD 650Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for the studio quality listening experience, sound capabilities and overall design.  A downside for some consumers was the cost. These headphones aren’t the most expensive models on the market, but if they’re used for casual listening purposes, the cost may be too steep for some consumers. Another issue is the fact that you’ll need to purchase a good amp to drive them if you intend to use these for editing purposes. On the upside, Sennheiser products have a reputation for longevity and durability, so you can consider this purchase an investment.

Overall, they’re the perfect model for in-studio use, but may not be the best option for casual listening.

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