These headphones by Sennheiser first came out in 2009, and while they aren’t the latest model, over the years they have built quite the reputation. Sennheiser in general is notorious for their recording quality headphones and a big part of their notoriety came once the Sennheiser 800 headphones hit the market.

Sennheiser 800 Headphones Review: Features and Product Design

The innovative design of the 800’s gives the user a total sense of freedom because the earcups don’t make contact with the ears and instead float around them. These headphones are perfect for listening to flatter recordings.

The type of sound you’ll get from these headphones varies from person to person. The sound you get from headphones will actually change based on the movement or placement of the headphones. It will also vary based on how it sits over the ears, which will change from person to person based on the shape of the user’s head. Because of this, many users will have their own personal preference in terms of what type of headphones sound the best. Which is why it’s pretty impressive that so many consumers felt that the 800’s offered the best listening experience.

These full-sized open headphones feature earcup cushions that are made from a micro-fiber material, designed to keep the wearer cool and comfortable. They’re also fitted with a removable cloth cup protector that can be washed by hand. The drivers are protected from dirt and hair, thanks to the synthetic mesh material covers. As for the overall construction of the headphones the main earpiece housing is made from a combination of Leona plastic and a glass fiber filled plastic.

A Closer Look at the Sennheiser Ring Radiator Technology

The 800’s ring radiator driver offers a couple of advantages. This ring shaped driver is attached at its inner edge and outer circumference and is driven by voice coil. The voice coil can be found behind the V shaped groove that’s located between the inner and outer edge. The ring radiator will work to reduce distortion at high frequencies and provide improved imaging because they’re positioned slightly forward, which allows the headphones to emit an improved wave front when compared to what you’ll experience when using standard headphone drivers. The standard driver will feature a dome shape in the middle and the issue with this type of driver is that it will stop short of quality at certain high frequencies. To get rid of this issue, the manufacturer has created its own duofoil diaphragm material, which is more rigid.

Product Conclusion and Rating

Home Recording Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones Rating: (4/5)

Sennheiser HD 800This model received a consumer rating of four out of five stars for sound quality, improved driver performance and overall design. Not a set of headphones that you’d purchase for casual use, the 800’s are recommended as studio headphones only. While the 800’s came out six years ago, they still have managed to remain at the top of the market and this speaks volumes about the quality of this product.


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